About Ad Manager

The business management system for your entire company. Neatly bundled into one system to manage all media.


Analyze data from different perspectives and summarize into useful information to increase revenue and cut costs.

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Sales and Marketing

See and analyze the total flow of data to effectively manage each stage of the sales cycle.

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Create, manage and update campaigns in minutes to increase occupancy rates.

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Seamlessly integrate with accounting packages to manage all billing and leasing needs.

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Record, schedule and track all tasks for sites, structures and faces. Deliver ‘smart’ posting instructions.

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See and analyze real-time data within your organization to create detailed reports.

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The Benefits of Ad Manager

What can Ad Manager do for you?






SCALA. The Engine Behind Managing Digital.


Produce high quality digital signage solutions that create an immersive brand experience for customers or employees. Designer is a professional authoring tool for all displays.

  • Data-driven templates
  • Interactive components
  • Flexible crawls and tickers
  • Support for RSS, TV, video feeds

Content Manager

Create, manage, distribute and play back content for dynamic digital signage. Content Manager makes tasks simpler and streamlines the workflow to improve efficiency.

  • Stable, scalable, secure and robust
  • Connects with virtually any data/content
  • Customizable, yet easy to use out of the box
  • Intuitive templates and web-based interface


Stable, reliable multimedia playback 24/7 with smooth sub-pixel motion and no distracting choppy stutters. Player only downloads new content, saving on bandwidth and productivity.

  • Updates on-air without interruptions
  • Real-time data for news, weather, and more
  • Uses standard graphics, sound and video files
  • Immediate status reports

Leadership and Innovation by the Numbers

25 Years – Since 1987, Scala has helped customers increase sales and create powerful visual communications with customized digital signage solutions.

500,000+ Screens – Scala software supports over 500,000 screens and 250,000 player licenses worldwide.

Over 100 Countries – Scala digital communications are at work in over 100 countries around the world.

400+ SCP’s – Over 400 Scala Certified Partners rely on the power, stability, and reliability of Scala’s digital communications solutions every day.

Over 17 Languages – Through Scala’s global locations and partnerships, they deliver universal solutions that work in over 17 languages.

1 Customer at a Time – Engineered for maximum flexibility and customization, Scala meets its customers’ unique specifications every time.

We have been using Ad Manager since I joined Adams Outdoor Advertising over eleven years ago, and I appreciate the flexibility of the application to allow our fourteen markets to operate with a high degree of autonomy, while providing a common platform for standardized and consolidated reporting. There is almost no limit to the level of detail that can be derived from Ad Manager data, which is important when analyzing asset utilization and maximizing revenues. The opportunity to interact with the development team at Dot2Dot over the years has enhanced both the functionality of the software and our utilization of it, such as the recent integration of the TAB Out of Home ratings with our scheduling function.

-- Tim O'Connell, Corporate Controller, Adams Outdoor --

DOT2DOT. The Service Behind Running A Network.

For over 30 years Dot2Dot Communications has worked with ad-based networks from around the world helping to increase revenue, reduce costs, and streamline business practices. Our software, people and services are what make the difference.


Our support plan includes unlimited access to the client services team during regular business hours. We utilize remote support applications to view client’s computers as part of our hands-on process. Support also includes discounted rates for training, additional faces, custom development, services, business consulting and new modules.


Whether you’re just starting out or want to expand your expertise, Dot2Dot has a variety of Ad Manager and Scala training sessions. All sessions are held by experienced Dot2Dot professionals, are hands-on with curriculum materials, and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Data Conversion

Dot2Dot can convert existing inventory, scheduling, sales, and financial data into Ad Manager prior to training. Data conversion costs vary depending on the quantity of data sources and the number of fields to be imported.


Dot2Dot offers custom report generation, integration with other applications, initial data conversion and more. These services are offered on a project-by-project basis.

Managed Service

At Dot2Dot we a have a team of experts who run the day-to-day activities for several ad-based companies. From hosting to managing the data to working with your sales team to create proposals and post campaign reports, Dot2Dot provides the infrastructure without the added overhead. Our team ensures that the right content is deployed to the right screens, and always on time. We also manage billing requirements, and monitor the health of your network to ensure screens are always functioning. Ask us for more details.

Installation and Hosting

The Ad Manager database can be installed on its own server or hosted on Dot2Dot’s servers. This decision affects implementation proceedure. Ad Manager has been successfully tested with all versions up to and including Microsoft SQL 2014.

Dot2Dot data centres are co-located at 151 Front Street West, home of the Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX). Our data centres feature upload and download speeds of up to 1 GBit with 99.999% guaranteed uptime. In addition to RAID5 data redundancy with enterprise SAS drives, complete data backups are performed on a daily basis.

Business Needs Analysis

The first step in any implementation is to hold a business needs analysis meeting to identify all stakeholders, integration and customization requirements, perform a hardware check and identify existing data for initial conversion to Ad Manager. This meeting can be held on site or remotely via GoToMeeting.


Dot2Dot provides integration with other software packages, including financial, CRM, and POS systems. Costs range based on the type of data transferred, data exchange requirements, and whether a one-way or two-way link between the systems is necessary.

We have used Dot2Dot’s media management software for over 10 years and have always been satisfied with their evolving platforms. The new Ad Manager centralizes our Advertising data in one program, and allows for more in-depth reporting. As our media continues to grow, the staff at Dot2Dot has been very attentive to meeting our needs with product enhancements and ongoing support.

-- John Boots
, Vice President Finance, Clear Channel Outdoor Canada --




Meet Ernie

Ad Manager is a business management system that your whole company can access. It’s one system with one database for managing availabilities and scheduling, delivering truly targeted campaigns, measuring and presenting post-campaign analysis, and generating detailed performance reports.

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