Ad Manager seamlessly integrates with third-party accounting applications to manage daily billing and leasing needs. A logical interface that facilitates flexible and secure invoice processing and comprehensive reports. Because data is entered once — time, errors, and costs are greatly reduced.

Billing Features – an easy-to-use, secure environment for creating invoices
  • Create flexible payment schedules – monthly, weekly, broadcast calendar
  • Create one invoice per campaign, regardless of market(s) and media type(s)
  • Produce custom invoicing for non-contracted items
  • Generate multiple bills with each contract
  • Determine lease profitability using revenue allocation
  • Customize invoice reports to reflect company standards
  • Capture complete history for analysis and forecasting
Leasing Features – control and analyze data to maximize efficiency and profitability
  • Multiple lessors on one lease
  • Create lease payments, regardless of type (fixed, percentage, CPI, etc.)
  • Create lease payment schedules in a variety of formats – monthly, quarterly, annually, semi-annually
  • Track utility payments for each site
  • Track and review multiple lease payment schedules
  • Automatically extend and renewal dates for each lease
  • Export leasing payment data to third-party accounting software

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