See and analyze the total flow of data within your organization to manage each stage of the sales cycle. Ad Manager’s user-friendly platform makes it easy to create winning proposals with customized maps that feature targeted showings. The system’s visual mapping component lets you chart directly on a map, apply demographic data, and display proximity shading around client locations.

  • Know what is available and when
  • Generate proposals and contracts in minutes
  • Assign rate cards and track commissions
  • Show clients how to reach their target audience
  • Command higher rates through sophisticated targeting
  • Deliver detailed proof-of-performance reports at campaign end dates for quicker payments
  • Set date range and grouping for analysis
  • Review revenue on a contract-by-contract or invoice-by-invoice basis
  • Capture complete history for analysis and forecasting
  • Target both static and digital media buys with specific demographics—geography, age, income, ethnicity, occupation, life stage

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