Ad Manager is a powerhouse at creating, managing and updating campaigns. Ad Manager’s seamless integration with Scala Content Manager is the first-to-market for handling all place-based media including all digital hardware, playlists, and scheduling. The system scales effortlessly to manage tens or thousands of locations. Ad Manager end users are able to fine-tune and target media buys in minutes using the system’s conditions, restrictions, and auto-charting. Similarly, customizable views and saved ‘Finders’ help to improve ongoing efficiencies.

  • Know what is available and when
  • Multiple ways to chart—assign individual faces, drag and drop from a list, interactive manual charting, auto charting, visual charting, and charting from a map
  • “Visually” schedule campaigns using colour coded grid
  • Increase occupancy rate by delivering fewer gaps and greater inventory efficiencies
  • Access sophisticated consumer data analytics to build unique profiles for each face
  • Develop content strategies based on surrounding areas
  • Manage multiple media types and markets on one contract
  • Produce standardized completion reports with maps and photos
  • Integration with TAB OOH Ratings audience measurement
  • Manage and maintain design inventory and history
  • Track design inventory and activities by Plant and Bin #’s
  • Assign billposters to handle posting tasks
  • Capture complete history for analysis and forecasting

  • Automatically create playlists when scheduling in Ad Manager
  • Manage production and approve media
  • Publish playlists directly to Scala Content Manager

Identify and manage:

  1. Precise availability
  2. Selling by day-part
  3. Customize national, regional and local media buys
  4. Individual playlists for each digital device
  5. Proof-of-play reporting
  6. Accounting needs for timely, accurate invoice/lease payments

  • Continuously monitor network health and refresh content only as needed
  • Capture complete history for analysis and forecasting


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